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ZMI owns and manages music copyrights, music sound recordings, independent film studios, film rights, literary rights and fine art rights. The group is managed by the original founders, with production and management in London and Atlanta.

ZMI Arcadia was established in 2018, after a series of music catalog and film acquisitions. The genesis of ZMI began in 2014 with Arcadia Music Publishing, which released music featuring Trevor Hall, Michael Startia, and Jarobia (A Tribe Called Quest).


In 2020 our music, publishing and film projects were launched. ZMI Records (jazz and classical) and ZMI Arcadia Recordings (rock and electronic) was formed.


Distributed by Ingrooves/Universal, ZMI Records has released music by Grant Green, Jr. and OkCello, and ZMI Arcadia Recording has released Arcadia back catalog remixes and new music from MYLO BYBEE. 


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