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Music Publishing

On music publishing we have PRO's with ASCAP, BMI; distribution by INgrooves / Universal. Music publishing is the business of promotion and monetization of musical compositions: music publishers ensure that songwriters and copyright owners receive royalties for their compositions, and also work to generate opportunities for those compositions to be performed and reproduced. 

ZMI Arcadia owns and manages music publishing copyrights and develops song catalogs with musicians we sign and produce. 

A main focus for us is sync. When a song is sync'd a synchronization license is arranged, and it requires the approval of the sound recording and song copyright holders.

Music supervisors and those seeking to license our song should contact us below.

Compositions are the melody, progression, lyrics, rhythmic pattern, or any combination of thereof, and masters regard a recording of a performance of a composition. At ZMI we call this the sound recording. 
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