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Mylo Bybee - New Singles Released May 26th

In preparation for MYLO BYBEE's first full length album, the band is releasing a series of singles in the US and worldwide. The first comes out May 26th in the United States.

US album release is July 14th, Worldwide album release is August 15th! Released by ZMI Arcadia Recordings / Universal Music Group.

A-side: Master & Machine - The title track, Master & Machine, is really a conglomeration of how everything we do is impacted by someone else. Societally, personally, professionally, artistically, etc.. Someone/ or something is always pulling the strings. We make every effort as members of society to look out for others, to support communities, and make an impact however we can, always to be bogged down by greed, corruption, misogyny, and basically a societal imbalance in the way we operate.

"M&M is our heaviest song on the album, and probably my favorite to play. It hits hard. You can feel the angst. But what it does, is it allows the rest of the album to slowly let hope bleed through the bleak. To me, the album as a whole is less of an indictment on the shortcomings of our world, and more of a look at people living their lives in between the darkness; finding a way to the light through love" - Wes

B-side- Fade Me Out: Fade Me Out is written from the perspective of someone who was never in the spotlight, but was able to work up enough drive to go after what they want. This song represents those who are ready to step out of the shadows and go after what they want.

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