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Thomas Cunningham's 2004 debut “The Bottle of Wine EP” made an impressive and head-turning introduction for the 20 year old singer/songwriter. Thomas, hailing from Northern California, received an enthusiastic response to this CD from the top 200 CMJ reporting radio stations, generating significant attention at 185 of them.

With his second release, simply titled “Swell”, Thomas has teamed up with other local hot-shot musicians to form the “locofocos.” Thomas Cunningham have generated a completely fresh look/listen to acoustic rock sounds with nods to Nick Drake, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper by fusing them with a lyrical pattern influenced by Digable Planets and The Roots. Thomas adds to this by explaining, “I'm a really big fan of the way bands like Digable Planets have been able to weave cool hip-hop influenced lyrics with an instrument based band, so the new songs are our own blend of acoustic rock with a lyrical twist!” The album also offers up small doses of soulful pop melody found in No You Can't, and for rattlesnake country guitar riffs, check out Harvest.

“Swell” charted at #19 on the CMJ Top 200 Adds chart, June 21, 2005. Tower Records featured “Swell” in the listening stations of all 89 U.S. stores, July/August, 2005.

“Fans of Jason Mraz and G. Love will recognize the style and appreciate the wit—and fortunately, Cunningham comes off more like a smart-aleck David Lowery than a laid-back Jack Johnson, especially in tempo and attitude.” The Nashville Scene

“It certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if Cunningham and Co. danced down the same career path as Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson.” Philly EDGE

“This group will soon become a favorite on the college circuit.” The Buffalo Art Voice

The Thomas Cunningham catalog was acquired by ZMI in 2020. 

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